3 Things to Know Before Agreeing to an Individual Health Plan.

1020817_58409713How do you prepare to make the right decision on a health insurance plan? Buying a health insurance plan can be frustrating and time consuming. Whenever buying any type of insurance whether it is life, health, home, rental, or dental, it is best to be prepared.

Here are three things that every individual should know before buying a health insurance policy.

  1. Become familiar with insurance terminology. Look up definitions to terms like, co-insurance, deductible, lifetime expenses, co-payment, and out-of-pocket expense.
  2. Is your doctor “in-network,” most health insurance plans, like those at Fortegra Insurance, insist that a primary care physician be chosen at the time of contract agreement. Ensure that your current physician is listed on the provider list.
  3. Talk Prescriptions – prescriptions are medical costs that happen on steady basis, so it is important to know if prescription costs are covered or discounted.

Know and understand your choices for health insurance. Not every family is going to need the same type of coverage. When selecting a family insurance plan it is best to find one that will meet the health needs of every member. For instance, a newborn baby is `going to need coverage for well-baby checkup visits and vaccines. Ask these questions to a licensed insurance agent available through health insurance providers, such as Fortegra.

If you do not have family, but are in your 40’s -50’s it is important to question if the health insurance plan covers health screenings for high blood pressure, a colonoscopy, mammograms, to name a few, as these are all procedures required at this age. Remember, that if you purchase a health insurance plan before January 2014, some of the health care reform laws might not apply to the new insurance policy.

Cheap insurance does not always come out cheaper so do not only consider the premium costs. Choose to visit sites like www.fortegra.com who can offer price comparison quotes. Typically, a premium amount varies based on location. Sometimes, it is worth asking about supplemental plan options like short-term disability, dental, vision, or critical illness. Some supplemental plans will not be available everywhere.

Health is a vital part of living a happy and full life. When you are unhealthy, it affects more than just you, but all those who love you. Care about your health and buy a health insurance plan that works best for you. View website to obtain a health insurance quote today.

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