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Drive Smart. There are so many tricks and tips to driving and the world have heard them all for sure. But, the problem is that while they are being heard they are not always being practiced. Fleet Safety knows that the drivers on the street are all smart, all knowledgeable, and all wise human beings. They know that most drivers don’t deliberately get into accidents nor is there intent to harm others. Here are a few thoughts on how to Drive Smart.

Don’t put someone the lives of self and others in jeopardy.  In other words do not drink and drive. It would have been easy to start off just saying that, but how many times is that said and overlooked. Almost half of the fatal accidents that happen on the road is due to the fact that someone has been drinking and driving. Think about the people who care and matter most the next time drinking and driving is involved. Think about the people that care and how they would feel if that person behind the wheel wasn’t there any more to talk to or share their ideas or smile with. Drinking while driving means that those people don’t matter.

SLOW DOWN. A lot of Fleet Risk Management courses involve students who were simply going too fast. There is no need to speed in order to get to a destination. It is the best way for a car to get into some serious damage if things get out of control. Be calm and be cool while on the road and don’t go out on the road jamming on the gas pedal. And if speeding does anything it burns gas. Slow down. Save that gas and maybe even safe a life or two.

Stay focused. Don’t get caught up in texting, tweeting, facebooking or being on the phone excessively. Keep eyes and ears and full attention on the road. Brightfleet sees more accidents caused due to the lack of paying attention. Be safe and Drive Smart.

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