Small Medical Practices happy to switch to Collaborate MD Medical Billing software

At every medical practice, no matter the size, the general priority is to provide patients with high quality service. Patients do not see the amounts of paperwork and files that medical practices must organize and keep up-to-date, along with the claims filing processes, which are all apart of providing quality care. Medical Practice Management Software and the way it is used plays a big role in optimizing the workflow of a medical practice.

This is true for General Practice, Internal Medicine, Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Hospitals, and Pediatric medical practices. The best way to provide quality care is from the moment a person makes the appointment over the phone, the amount of time they sit in the waiting room, to the time they see the healthcare professional.

The support staff at Collaborate MD, medical billing software company, understand the importance of quality service. This is why it has made available to small medical practices everywhere a solution to affordable medical management and operating with a faster turnaround time for claims reimbursement.

With the three different payment plan options, small practices are quickly making the switch to Collaborate MD cloud based billing software and are very satisfied with the results. One client testified, “My entire experience with CollaborateMD and its staff has been truly wonderful! It is excellent software at a great price!” (Visit website to see full testimonial).

Plan one pricing starts at $149.00 a month and includes unlimited electronic claim, unlimited users, unlimited support. The second plan starts at $199.00 per month and adds to the plan package unlimited remittance, and unlimited Eligibility, and the last plan option starts at $219.00, and adds to the plan claim scrubbing. The price plans have no set up fee and includes an implementation support specialist.

It is the priority of CollaborateMD to provide the highest standard of quality service along with up-to-date medical billing software to help medical practices improve their cash flow, freeing them to provide the quality service to their patients without the constant stress of the cost of claim’s rejections. To learn more about the many features and the extras included in each price plan visit


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